Saturday, June 23, 2012

Telephone Rose.

~ Words leave scars, which, even a lifetime won't suffice to heal.
Till day, those words still ring in her ears, and she still believes she will never be able to forget and forgive. And still has teary eyes and a heartache thinking about it.
Lack of confidence. Insecurity, though it shows the total contrary to most, yes, they are here.
She was a pretty, bubbly girl, but very gloomy in the inside. ~

People can be very judgemental. And are always upfront to tag others, before looking at themselves first.
Monroe said, “Little girls should always be told they are pretty, even if they are not.” I totally agree to this quote. People should know that confidence is built from the very start of a life, and little things can have a huge impact on someone’s morale/life later on. I myself have been brought up into always being complimented (not bragging-at all) that even if I were not pretty, I would have grown up believing I am the most beautiful thing on Earth (Not that I do, but that’s another story).
I believe I do carry myself with a lot of confidence when it comes to my physique, which is a curvy one. I know not many who are able to say Yum I love my curves, and actually mean it. I believe I do, and it is what attracts stares from strangers– Well it could be that even if I were a model-slim or even fatter, people would still stare, because this is Mauritius, and Mauritians barely know that staring is rude.
But confidence does not stop to how you carry yourself, and how you feel about your body and skin. It’s about the inside as well.
People say things, which can stay in one’s mind for ever and ever-and even after ever, if that is possible.
I think parents need to know what to say to their children, and what not to. Some things stay forever. Some things said carelessly can ruin a relationship forever. Or an individual.
Parents need to know, when you do not trust your child, it shows. And you instill nothing but insecurity in the child.
If a girl grows up being on the lookout for relationships always, it could very well be that she is just seeking security from someone else always, because the relationship she had with the person who was supposed to bring her security since the beginning, which happens to be the Dad, was not as it should have been.
Don’t go judge a girl by names which can be so derogatory, when you don’t know anything of her. Everyone is not a slut just because she does not end up with the first guy she was dating.
People need to know self-confidence is a whole lot important. And I believe for a woman, confidence is sexier than a bit of flesh (or the whole feminine temple) showing.
I owe my parents a lot for who I am. And I wish to tell them both, that I adore them to bits, and they are the best thing I could ever have.
I have made mistakes. No human is perfect, and we are always learning from our or others’ mistakes.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Giovanna is gone!

Here I am, back after a long long time. Well that is because I had better things to do than blog. Ok, not really. Just that I didn’t take time out for blogging.
Giovanna’s gone, after being here for the whole week-end and spoiling my stay at the bungalow - I could not go out for a swim or a tan on the beach. Well that is fine. Except that now I am home, sitting idle while the Star Plus soaps are playing, and my internet connection is not working as it should, because the cyclone must have done something to the ISP or the lines – actually there’s always something wrong to the connection here.  The hotline of the ISP either blames it on the network or, or, or on more valid explanations, like sometimes it is too hot for the net to function properly. Oh well, technology age and awesome ISPs for the win!
I came here today because I had so much on my mind, and thought typing them here would make me feel so better, and less pms-y. Hormones are so very in a mess lately. But I still feel muchly lethargic, moody, and, not-so-any-better to be honest.
Friday night I was thinking on how (female) virginity is so much overrated in our society.  Virginity is so much taboo a subject. Ok so I am already bored typing, I might decide to talk about it in some other post.
Much Love & XX,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A lipliner might be OPTIONAL.

Early morning I woke up to the noise of a lizard (no, I do not know how it is termed as – least bothered to Google it), the one who's coming wake me up every morning at the same time, and gets me all paralyzed because I fear any slight move of mine will scare it and when it'll run, it can fall on me. Believe me, that is pretty much annoying and God knows how I have got a phobia of lizards. Anyway, I tried sleep more, and ignore the lizard, and when I woke up [to actually get out of bed], my mood was perfectly FINE. As in, really FINE. Some people can so dictate my mood lately. I know that ain't good news, but well, that is the way things are right now. A single text can be enough to get things so going on nicely.
Basically today I'm home, getting all bored right now, channel-hopping every 2 minutes, after having had some gorgeous pasta and feeling all full. I miss college days.
My holidays have been pretty much lovely till now; with lovely people around. I must agree I have got darling angels in my life. Not all of my entourage is, but the ones who are are more than just enough to me. I love these holidays because I do not have any stress about having to revise for next semester whatsoever – not that I ever get stressed about studies, but that's another story. I mean, my first year's over and that feeling I have is amazing! I can do anything, waste time, go on long drives, and not get to feel guilty at all! Believe me, doing these things during the whole first year of university with that feeling of "Oh no, I should have been attending lectures right now" or "I am gonna fail my Law module for not studying but being up to what-I-was-up-to-at-that-moment", is AWEFUL. It's like being stressed always. But hell, I can't complain. I had the time of my life during my first year (No, I'm not talking about university life. I practically had none to be honest.)!
[Well, I am right now not considering the modules I have failed for final exams and will be getting a resit for – it so spoils the beauty of the picture.]
I finally gave in to the temptation of having the bar of Snickers, and swallow the calories some minutes ago. Boredom can make me swallow do anything. Well, not literally ANYTHING, but you get the picture. Eww, 'swallow' made me think of a blowjob. Talking of calories, GOSH, I wonder how much weight I'll have gained by the end of those 2-months-long holidays. I am so up to snacking when home and eating junk food when out, I am definitely gonna be all cow-y in some time, if not already.
TING! I just got an idea of something huge to do to keep myself busy -> CLEAN MY MAKE-UP KIT – which is actually in a REAL MESS. No, seriously, it IS. With brushes being here and there, full of liquid (which makes it even more messy) foundation, concealer, tons of lipstick which I have probably never even used, my unopened bank statements (well yes, I actually stuff everything in that kit).
I've always believed bank statements are definitely not something I should care to open. Actually it's not about not caring; it's just about not being able to handle the chronic shock and heartbreak the bank balance gives me when I realize I am on verge of going overdraft. Well, spendthrifts like me will know the feeling.
So I am gone clean my brushes and throw away already expired make-ups and find out whether there are untouched goodies in that kit. To be honest, cleaning it up is something I enjoy doing, because I so adore my make-up products and being in touch with them. Yes yes, My products and I live a huge daily Love story.

Coming to the title, well don't ever expect me to talk about make up tips or whatsoever here. My make up procedures are TABOO, so I never talk about them. TO NO ONE.
P.s. Lipliners might be optional, but I believe they should be used. Bleeding lipstick is such eyesore. SERIOUSLY.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bling !

Hello People !

It’s been a whole year since I last posted here. Ok, from the dates of the last published posts it might seem like it was only days ago, but well, that was because of reasons like having to republish the previous posts because I had kind of deleted them from the blog and started feeling all remorseful for having removed all writings of mine here.

 I have practically lost all inspiration to write since I typed my last post.  But I anyway felt the need to start writing again, because I am in such huge need of a therapy, which writing fulfils so perfectly. 

Times have changed.
Along with it, things change, people come and go, and moods swing. The latter I undergo every day – being a person full of estrogen accounts much for it, don’t blame me – and just not to end up all crazy, blogging helps  evacuate any negativity - which I am currently full of. Yes I know, I am very much complaining always (Refer to being full of estrogen). But well, that is what makes of me the person that I am. And hell yeah, I love me.

Right now I wonder whether I have anything concrete to blog about. I think not. I feel like having the bar of Snickers on my table, but that would be swallowing calories, which I already had my share of today with orange-y pancakes.
Anyway, I might come up later on with something meaningful hopefully.

Oh that is such a Pink post. No no, nothing to do with my being a Pink-Lover.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Panda ☆

This is my last post for the next one month. Yeah, I'm entering hibernation for 1 whole month today as from 11 p.m [DOule, if you are reading this, 11p.m is 23h :p].
The people in the German movie aren’t stopping touching. And this is making me sick.
Speaking of couples, yesterday I saw one of the loveliest couples you can ever have. That type of couple who never gets me jealous. That one which is no eyesore when they hold hands. The cutest thing EVER. An old couple holding hands and having lunch in the foodcourt there. Aww, I couldn’t but point out to my friends, letting an ‘AWWWWWWWWWW’ escape, making, supposedly according to Moune, everyone in the court turn around. No seriously, the little man looked so cute holding his lady’s hands, you can’t even imagine. You know, like in the pictures you see, and rarely see in real life.
You say ‘make love’, not ‘have sex’ by the way. Just for it to sound cute and not as crude as is the act in itself. Not that the act IS crude, but anyway. Well, this wasn’t what I came to blog about. We’ll blog about sex later on, when I learn how human beings reproduce.
So where was I?
Yeah, my last post. I know you’ll be missing me. Ok ok, I am pretending you will. It makes me feel better. Because I am having mixed feelings. One month IS long.
Ok ok, I will be very much spoiled with those around me and the shopping and all there, I know. Anyway, let’s skip my feeling sad.
Packing has been done somehow. At the very last minute, but still. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything. But I’m very much sure all essentials are in there- the mobile charger, the Labello and blabla. I don’t even know why I’m blogging today; I don’t feel like writing/typing, whatever.
It’s been one year since MJ died and I guess they’ll be showing him whole day on TV.
Everyone’s been sending me texts to wish me Bon voyage and all, I am still very much lazy to reply. Seriously, I don’t have any idea why I’m writing.
I had such an awesome week with all the outings and lunch-ing and crazy-ing around. Mr. Mono gave me the nicest thing yesterday-> Sex and The City-The Book. Mr. Mono, THANK YOU. I hope I am going to read it during my flight, that is if I don’t end up watching all movies showing.
Oh seriously, some fans are really sick. Just look at how they’re shouting and screaming and falling unconscious, just to see a little finger coming out of the car of Michael. They aren’t even sure it is HIS finger. So dumb people, so dumb.No, I don’t have anything against the man. In fact, I even love some of his songs.
I was wondering, what is going to happen if music artists start using vuvuzelas in their songs? Oh my, that would be so wonderful. Eww. My ears.
I won’t be following any match as from today. I am so going to miss hearing the soft sound of them vuvuz, comment on the matches via my FB statuses, stress out when the commentator’s tone rises more than a notch, expecting a goal-but there is none.
All of a sudden I’m feeling very much excited for my flight tonight. But that feeling will soon be gone, for I am alone home, and I got no one to with whom to share my excitement. Yeah, sounds pathetic, I know. I am not a poor lonesome cowgirl. I am simply alone at home until mum comes. Even if she won’t be the one I can share some excitement with, being so stressed about what to pack and not herself. Duh.
I was feeling so lazy this morning to wake up to go to the parlor. Thing is I had to get my eyebrows shaped. Finally things are not always rosy-rosy when you are a lazy lady. But the eyebrows are not that bushy, they never were actually. But still, you have to get yourself pampered once in a while, don’t you?
Talking of which, this is exactly what I’m going to do before catching the flight.
So you’ve had enough of LBBAYMC for today. And that was your dose for the coming 30 days too.

P.s. Published June '10



Mine is a boring one today.
Had a lovely night yesterday though.
But that was yesterday.
Normally I should have been blogging about how I love babies. Well, for Mr.Mono.
But I don’t feel like it.
So I’ll just blabber about everything and nothing today as well.

Since morning I’ve been swallowing calories-like the Almond-Sponge cake, Mozart chocolates, then Briani for lunch – I thought I would not eat non-veg – but there was fish in it and I couldn’t resist. No, I do not have willpower. I do not know what it is actually. Actually tuna is one of the few fishes I am able to eat without making a fuss because it doesn’t have so many bones[fish bones I’m talking about. In case you thought I believe the bones are bones meat has. Ok whatever.] which you have to fear while eating. Ok, I’m veg as from tomorrow, I SWEAR.

I am very much in love with 2 songs today. One of which is on repeat since I’ve found about it.It’s the instrumental version of the song and I am so adoring it.

Yesterday night in the party:
ABC: Hi, I’m XYZ.
Me: I’m Me.
[After much conversation]
Me: You are the XYZ who’s added me on Fb and whom I haven’t accepted because I do not know you, at least not until now?
ABC: Yeah. You can accept me now.
Me: Yeah, I will.
ABC: I’m used to seeing your feeds on my wall. Very funny. Haha.
Me: Oh yeah? How come? You aren’t in my friends boy.
ABC: Hell yeah ! I can see all your updates. Even if my request is pending.

So on hearing this I was literally gob smacked. Since the last few months some 900 people whos requests are pending since months and now I get to learn these people have been getting all my feeds while I never added them. Great.
I’ve spent my time ignoring them one by one [just in case I knew someone and ‘forgot’ to accept him] today and now I have only 6 friend requests. Well, from people whom I know but won’t add nor ignore. No, you don’t have to understand.

Slovenia and Para-Gay are playing.
Football is boring now. I hate it when everyone is watching it when I don’t want to. Or when I don’t want them to.

I am not home. For reasons like, I am at anty’s to meet my baby. My baby who is a grown-up of 4, going on 5 and who knows how to shout at his momma and daddy and who hits me on my nerves. A mini-me, he’s just the male version- and I don’t shout at dad, what I do is called talking with a greasy tone. Ok, translate that in Creole because I didn’t find the proper word to describe my cold attitude.

I am so in love with this song you can’t imagine.

Did you notice there is no heart in this post? Notice it then.

After everyone's smile...

I hate how cold I am tonight. Despite loving winters, I don't like it the least bit today.

And I won't get a sweater. I don't want to.

I wish men didn't like women.
I wish they could be programmed.
I wish everything was pink.
I wish I am happy always.
I wish everyone be happy.
I wish people smiled more.

I think Gopali is a nice name.

Long ago I'd have already been asleep right now. But lately sleeping at this hour is considered as relatively early. At least for me. Plus I've had a long nap today. Something I rarely have. Just to tell I am not sleepy right now.

I fell in love with this:

Promises are like babies... Fun to make... And hell to deliver. "

Nothing personal. And no, I am not depressed, thank you very much. And no, no one promised anything. And no one broke any of them promises... I just don't like babies. And promises.

P.s.   June 2010