Saturday, June 23, 2012

Telephone Rose.

~ Words leave scars, which, even a lifetime won't suffice to heal.
Till day, those words still ring in her ears, and she still believes she will never be able to forget and forgive. And still has teary eyes and a heartache thinking about it.
Lack of confidence. Insecurity, though it shows the total contrary to most, yes, they are here.
She was a pretty, bubbly girl, but very gloomy in the inside. ~

People can be very judgemental. And are always upfront to tag others, before looking at themselves first.
Monroe said, “Little girls should always be told they are pretty, even if they are not.” I totally agree to this quote. People should know that confidence is built from the very start of a life, and little things can have a huge impact on someone’s morale/life later on. I myself have been brought up into always being complimented (not bragging-at all) that even if I were not pretty, I would have grown up believing I am the most beautiful thing on Earth (Not that I do, but that’s another story).
I believe I do carry myself with a lot of confidence when it comes to my physique, which is a curvy one. I know not many who are able to say Yum I love my curves, and actually mean it. I believe I do, and it is what attracts stares from strangers– Well it could be that even if I were a model-slim or even fatter, people would still stare, because this is Mauritius, and Mauritians barely know that staring is rude.
But confidence does not stop to how you carry yourself, and how you feel about your body and skin. It’s about the inside as well.
People say things, which can stay in one’s mind for ever and ever-and even after ever, if that is possible.
I think parents need to know what to say to their children, and what not to. Some things stay forever. Some things said carelessly can ruin a relationship forever. Or an individual.
Parents need to know, when you do not trust your child, it shows. And you instill nothing but insecurity in the child.
If a girl grows up being on the lookout for relationships always, it could very well be that she is just seeking security from someone else always, because the relationship she had with the person who was supposed to bring her security since the beginning, which happens to be the Dad, was not as it should have been.
Don’t go judge a girl by names which can be so derogatory, when you don’t know anything of her. Everyone is not a slut just because she does not end up with the first guy she was dating.
People need to know self-confidence is a whole lot important. And I believe for a woman, confidence is sexier than a bit of flesh (or the whole feminine temple) showing.
I owe my parents a lot for who I am. And I wish to tell them both, that I adore them to bits, and they are the best thing I could ever have.
I have made mistakes. No human is perfect, and we are always learning from our or others’ mistakes.